Saturday, September 6, 2008

Caleb 10

For Caleb's 1oth birthday, he wanted the alien Goop from Ben 10. I used piping gel to get the translucent slime feel of the alien.

Roses on Your Birthday

This is the cake that is my blog header and my new business cards (thanks, Marchet!)

50th Anniversary

I helped a nephew's wife make this for my in-law's 50th anniversary.

Let It Snow

Trees made out of sugar cones and frosting kids top this cake.

Baby Shower

Here's baby bear again, on a blanket this time.

House of Blues

I used fondant to make the logo for this cake.

Where the Wild Things Are

I did this for a two year old. His favourite book is Where the Wild Things Are. It was a fun cake with very different colours. The bottom cake is the sea that Max crossed. The mother was going to put a laminated picture of Max in his boat on it.

Webkinz Birthday

As I mentioned before, I have to do triple cakes for my daughters and their cousin. This year's theme was Webkinz.

Purple Wedding

Fresh Flowers

I got to buy a new floating tiers set for this one- I guess this is the cake decorator's equivalent to power tools for men. I used fresh flowers and a basket weave on the side.


I helped a friend of mine do this one. We did it the day of the reception, which made for a very tense morning.


Violets and roses.


Forty? Oh No!!

You can't let a 40th go by quietly, can you?

Family Tree

I did this for a Primary activity. Each cupcake has a little face on it.

Heart of Gold

This was done for a dear friend. I used edible glitter on the heart.


I did this for my punk rock sister. The wings are royal icing on tulle.


I love roses and rosebuds.


This was a groom's cake that I did.

Blue's Clues

This was Caleb's first birthday cake. I had to make a special egg and milk free cake for him because of his allergies. I did it as a little paw print.

Baby Baptism

This cake is edged on top with a white trellis on a pink background, with white grapes and vines.

Out of This World

It's amazing what a few Crisco and spice jar lids can make! I also handmade the white chocolate candies on the side.

Can We Eat It? Yes We Can!

Bob looks happy that Caleb chose him for his birthday cake.


A cake for when your daughter wants a Barbie Cinderella.

Not All Wedding Cakes Are Tall

I did this cake for my sister-in-law. She had a very Victorian wedding dress, and I tried to reflect the romance of the era with ivy and roses that started out ivory and turned peach at the tops. The trellises attaching the cakes are made out of royal icing.


I love doing holiday cakes- you can really let your playful side show.

Bugs and Buds

This was Mischa's 2nd birthday cake.

Hunting Cakes

Here's where I hate on my regular camera for a bit and its lack of zooming. I "borrowed" the deer figures from a Christmas cake idea- I hope Santa doesn't mind!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Crossing the Bridge

I did these cakes for our Service Unit's bridging ceremony. I started with the Daisy petals, bridged to the Brownie Try-Its, bridged to the Junior badges, then bridged to the Cadette and older IPs. I really like creating things with royal frosting.

Blue Screen of Death

I made this for a friend's husband's 47th birthday. He really liked the details- Perry made sure I had the USB ports and everything. This is actually the size of my real laptop.

All Wrapped Up

Commercial fondant doesn't taste good, but it sure does make cute ribbons!


In my MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group, we had a meeting on childrens' party ideas. Our group had boy/girl party and decided to use a farm theme. The barn and haystacks are cake. I was going to toast coconut and use that on the ground, but a family emergency happened and my brain wasn't totally with the cake after that.