Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

A fondant and buttercream shirt cake for a Brave's fan. It was done in my most popular flavour combination: white almond cake with raspberry filling.

Butterfly Baby Shower

My client brought in a napkin for me that matched the baby shower decorations. She told my husband that she had gone to a supermarket bakery, but they turned her down. I was so glad I could do this cake for her!

The cake is buttercream and the butterflies, flowers, and lettering are fondant.

Bridging 2009

This is one of the cakes I did for our Girl Scout bridging ceremony this year. I also did the two bridge cakes from last year to go with it.

Bridal Shower

A buttercream cake I did for a bridal shower. The bride's colours are fuschia and tangerine.