Monday, August 17, 2009

Coconut Cake

Sometimes the cake orders are less fancy, but just as delicious! This coconut cake was white cake with lemon filling. I had never known that coconut cakes used 7 minute frosting until Perry's co-worker asked for it- I had just known it as that really yummy frosting! I'm super excited to know it now! Guess I'll have to hide the scale...

Getting Married to a Green Bay Fan

This beautiful cake is white cake with buttercream filling and frosting, topped with ribbon and fresh flowers.

The bride and groom's initials:

The groom's cake: white with buttercream.

The largest oval I could find wasn't big enough to get the 100 servings they were asking for, so I asked if I could supplement it with a smaller cake- something I think of when I think Green Bay and Wisconsin:

It all started with a cutting board. This is a cardboard cake circle covered with fondant, then painted with food colouring.

Then I added the "cheese". White cake with buttercream filling covered with fondant. I used food colouring to give it more depth.

Guaranteed to make a Packers fan happy!

Surprise Birthday Cake

My good friend had a birthday recently, and her mother called up and asked if I would do a surprise cake for her. Since I was a few days away from a wedding cake delivery (plus packing to leave on a week-long cruise to the Bahamas), I agreed to do it, but only because it was for Jodi and she deserved more than a supermarket cake.

Jodi is as crazy as I am when it comes to being involved in activities. She is a CPR and First Aid instructor for the Red Cross, diehard Auburn fan, and Girl Scout volunteer (she's a trainer, co-leader with me, co-Service Unit Director with me, Service Unit cookie manager, plus helps out with her older daughter's troop).

She also has the coolest Hello Kitty pink bike you will ever see.

Mickey Mouse Birthday

This was for a one-year-old's birthday party. This is his smash cake:

And this was for the rest of the guests:

Both of them together:

Rose and Stephanotis Wedding Cake

This was my first wedding cake in a loooong time. I can't tell you how nervous I was. I fretted about everything- I redid the roses 3 times. The cake is yellow cake with whipped ganache filling, covered with buttercream. I also did gum paste for the first time- I figured I'd start out easy with the white stephanotis:

Which was good because I made 27 dozen of them!