Saturday, May 31, 2008

Happy Easter

This was for a class party. I had seen this cake using a shaped pan, but since I didn't have the pan, I used the idea as a template.


I love Suzy's Zoo characters! They are perfect for baby cakes.

Another Chapter in Life

This was for the farewell party of our children's librarian in Silver City, New Mexico.

Dora the Explorer

This was Mischa's 3rd birthday cake. Another colouring book design.

My Mom's Cake Modeling Debut

I can't remember if this was for my mom's birthday or her college graduation. The sides are basket weave, with violets, wild apple blossoms, and lilies on the top.

Welcome Caleb!

Caleb's first cake.

I Choose You, Pikachu!

A birthday cake for a close friend's son. A little nostalgic, since he's almost done with high school. I found a Pokemon book with punch out figures, which I then laminated with clear contact paper to keep the grease from the frosting from soaking through.

Finding Caleb's Birthday

I did this one for Caleb's birthday while we were in New Mexico. Another colouring book design. I think if I did this cake again, I would like to add green fruit rollup "kelp" strands along the sides of the cake.

Construction Cake

I did this cake for my cousin's son, who just graduated from high school last week! He's the first person I can actually say that I've changed their diapers, so there's no way he just graduated!


This was one of Perry's birthday cakes, I think in 1998. The inside was done in checkerboard, too.

Howlingly Good

Is howlingly even a word? This was one of my first cakes from my first class. We had to use a stencil. This design is one of my favourites for my jack-o-lanterns, even today.

Baby Bear

I did this cake for the birth of Perry's twin brother's eldest son. Another I wish I had a digital camera picture just to get the detail of the baby quilt.

Joshua Loves Thomas

I used a colouring page for the design.

Spring Flowers

Daffodils, daisies, and violets- oh my!

Snowflake Wedding

I really wish I had a digital camera for this one. I made royal icing snowflakes that were sprinkled with edible glitter. I LOVED this cake!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Dora Cupcakes

Mischa wanted cupcakes with figures on them for her birthday.


Caleb's 8th birthday cake. We had a lot of kids over, so I did a shaped pan on top of a sheet pan.

Triple Birthday

Our girls have a triple birthday party every year- their birthdays are a week apart, and they have a cousin about an hour away whose birthday is 2 days before Liesie's (actually 363 days after). Since we all go to my dad's for the party, we need the 3 cakes. The hard part is trying to co-ordinate all of the cakes and still keep them small enough that 3 isn't too much cake. This theme was pastels- yellow, pink, and purple. Mischa and Liesie had a separate party with a friend's family, and since I was caked out, I made cupcakes instead and topped them with the leftover roses.


I did this one for a child's baptism. In our Church, you can be baptized at age 8 on up.


This was a hard one keeping away from Liesie- she not only kept insisting to ride it, but it was chocolate cake, too.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Country Wedding

This is one of the first wedding cakes I did. I really loved this one.


This volcano cake was fun, even if it was a beast to put together. I did this for a Cub Scout Blue and Gold, as well as Caleb's end of year party. This one has the volcano covered in fondant, which was easier than covering it with buttercream. The inside holds a juice glass that I put dry ice in and added water for the smoke.
This little guy was fun, although keeping the pretzel stick upright wasn't. Liesie "helped" me with this cake by tasting the frosting on the side. I had used all of my blue, and anyone who does cakes will tell you that matching frosting is a beast. I came up with a wave effect made up of a royal blue, white, and sky blue mixed gently together. It turned out better than the straight blue I had before. I used the same technique for the lava on the volcano. Thanks Liesie!

Pinewood Derby

I did a birthday cake like this, too.

May the Force Be with You

Getting a little light saber action going.

This was supposed to be Yoda- last minute idea + no picture to go off of doesn't equal the most recognizable image.

This originally started out as an Ewok (see above Yoda comment). When Joshua saw this, he said, "Chewbacca!", so my new story is that it was always Chewie.

Caleb's 9th birthday cake- yes, it was pointed out to me that the Stormtroopers' guns did not shoot multiple laser beams like this.

Ladybug Cupcakes

For a bug-themed end of the year Kindergarten party, these little ladybugs were perfect!