Tuesday, May 13, 2008


This volcano cake was fun, even if it was a beast to put together. I did this for a Cub Scout Blue and Gold, as well as Caleb's end of year party. This one has the volcano covered in fondant, which was easier than covering it with buttercream. The inside holds a juice glass that I put dry ice in and added water for the smoke.
This little guy was fun, although keeping the pretzel stick upright wasn't. Liesie "helped" me with this cake by tasting the frosting on the side. I had used all of my blue, and anyone who does cakes will tell you that matching frosting is a beast. I came up with a wave effect made up of a royal blue, white, and sky blue mixed gently together. It turned out better than the straight blue I had before. I used the same technique for the lava on the volcano. Thanks Liesie!

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