Monday, May 19, 2008

Triple Birthday

Our girls have a triple birthday party every year- their birthdays are a week apart, and they have a cousin about an hour away whose birthday is 2 days before Liesie's (actually 363 days after). Since we all go to my dad's for the party, we need the 3 cakes. The hard part is trying to co-ordinate all of the cakes and still keep them small enough that 3 isn't too much cake. This theme was pastels- yellow, pink, and purple. Mischa and Liesie had a separate party with a friend's family, and since I was caked out, I made cupcakes instead and topped them with the leftover roses.


Kristine said...

Those are beautiful. most favorite of everything you have posted so far.

kodiak73 said...

I've heard many people mistake this for a wedding cake... I know it was simple and easy compared to some of your cakes but really one of the more elegant you have done.